Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review: The Mae Shi Terrorbird (5RC)

By Mom and Dad

Dad: I'm in the Iraq War! Sounds like gunshots, machine guns. Go go go go go! Fire! Shoot!
Mom: This music sounds like metal chopsticks.
Dad: Is this music? I don't hear music. It's kind of noise. All kind of street noise put together, including the battlefield.... This [part] sounds like chanting from a mosque. Like Buddhist.
Mom: Not Buddhist. What were the ones we saw? Hare Krishna.
Dad: Same thing. It doesn't irritate my ears, but I wouldn't pay for listening.
Mom: Does he have a sore throat? It's like he had a tonsilectomy.
Dad: That is a very famous voice. Started by Louis Armstrong. Have you heard of Louis Armstrong?
Mom: Yes, but that was his real voice. This guy is faking.
Dad: Maybe imitating.
Mom: Is he in dire pain or something?
Dad: He is catching a cat.

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