Friday, September 18, 2009

Forever Young

Pariah, pioneer, icon. Yoko Ono is all of these things, and at 76, she's still rocking. On Between My Head and the Sky, out Tuesday, she jams with a new incarnation of the Plastic Ono Band and delivers an arresting and eclectic album that swerves from funk stomper to electro club hit and from piano ballad to classic psych rock as only a truly boundless artist like Ono could. Her trademark wail is ageless, and she still looks amazing, too. Yoko Ono shared her beauty secrets for Ooh La La no. 2. AS TOLD TO HANE C. LEE

"I walk a lot. Work and walk. Also I don't do strenuous exercise. When you run or something, I feel you eat more. Why should I eat more? Then I get fat. I don't like that kind of way of doing things. Walking is fine. You get hungry when you need to be hungry but you don't get ravenous or anything.

I drink a lot of tea, which is good for you. Coffee's not bad either; coffee's okay but tea is better. People are scared of caffeine but natural caffeine is not bad.

I do get massaged regularly, once a week. It's very important for me. I knew if I said that, immediately [people] would say, 'Fine for you, you can get a masseur, but I can't afford it.' How can I talk about this to my sisters? I think women should learn to massage each other. That's going to help the person who's massaging and the person who's massaged. It's a nice connection as well.

Girls should learn to massage each other. It's a community and they're spending time together anyway. Like some women organize reading clubs where they get together and read, or they talk about what they read. So just like a reading club they should have a massage club. It's not a special massage club, it has to be your neighborhood thing. You start it!"

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